Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bagman Linden, the New VP of Engineering - New blood!

I've missed you guys so much!!

I've been able to log back into SL after a long illness and surgery this winter. Unfortunately I lost my store and my spot in the destination guide as a result of my disappearance. And all my Plurk Karma too! (sad face)

But having been back for 4 days (and setting up my STORE again!! But it's under construction still!) I've noticed some positive changes reflected in performance and in LL. So lets hope this Bagman can Bag SL and make it the best lover we've ever had! Check out his introduction here if you haven't seen it on the dashboard already!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

FTLO Halloween Fair! (Better Late Than Never huh?)

So I'm 9 days late on getting this blog post going but hey, I'm
drowning in the Terrible Twos.. and let me tell you.. they ARE
terrible. Good thing he's cute ;).

So check it out!

This is the Hunt item I have offered up for the event.
  • A Stuffed Pumpkin
  • A Raven
  • And a broom [Touch it!]
  • All together it's 10 prims

An exclusive to the FTLO Halloween Fair; Autumn Set
  • Chair with animated poses
  • Ottoman with animated poses
  • Touch on and off Lamp
  • Vintage Pumpkin Art Print
  • Stack of books
  • Only 20 prims all together (I may be one or two off! I forget atm..)
  • Only 200L for the set, or buy the piece you like alone.

This is the exclusive Item I sent to all the fantastic bloggers
and you can go ahead and get the Texture Change Raven Cabinet
and the Halloween Bunting for yourself!
  • Cabinet 5 Prims, Touch the Bottom Shelf to Change the Texture of the wood or the inside
  • Autumn Halloween Colors Bunting/Pennants 4 prims
  • Get both pieces for 100L!

The Raven Chair Set, All pieces are texture change - even
the art! With wood tones that go from light to dark all
the way to black, I am sure everyone will find a place to perch
this set.
  • Matches the Exclusive FTLO Raven Cabinet and Bunting!
  • Chair, 8 prims & Texture change wood & cushion with a Raven at your shoulder. ;)
  • Shelf, 2 prims w/ texture change
  • End Table, 2 prims w/ texture change
  • Vintage Raven Print, 3 prims with Frame and Art texture change options
  • A Stack of Books, 3 prims with shadow
  • Available for 200L for all 5 pieces :D

A brand new Color of my Desk Set and a Decoupage Table
I keep finding uses for these things in my second life and I thought maybe
everyone else would too. I've added books to the desk and put a gorgeous
timepiece/vintage pocket watch image to my decoupage table. Buy 
them seperately or packaged together for 200L (that's 100linden less!).
Here's the SLURL to the Jessentials FTLO.. Halloween Hunt shop. Check out all the
unique and exclusive items and partake in the hunt! One hunt item per shop are scattered
all over the sim!

Thanks so much to Rhed Rhode of It's Cake and her fantastic helper, 
Chaotic Monday for making all of this happen!

Happy Halloween Fair!
- Jessanne Janus

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday Night Fever

What's going on today? This!

There's really only a couple things to say on this set. The first, I think, should be that I like birds. The second is that I seem to be in the mood for white. But this item is texture change too, it goes from white wood and blue plaid to dark wood and a brick red plaid in moments. The table and the chair do that is. :)

It's only 40 L available for SNF at Jessentials. Today only!

And the Witch Hunt 2010 has today and tomorrow left still, so get your hands on that while you're here! Look for the broom. :)


Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Witch Hunt 2010 - Artist's Voice

My idea was to invoke the Wizard of Oz by creating a house that's been dropped on a witch. The house itself doesn't actually look anything like Dorthy's house in the movie but I feel like it channels the greener side of the Dust Bowl era and Kansas. :)

The witches legs, stuck neatly under a corner of the house, have taken a turn into the 21st century by way of her stockings.. The modern minded wicked witch seems to prefer red and white stripes as opposed to the more traditional black and white.

We all know witches like cleanliness, it's next to wickedness of course, as the old saying goes. So of course we have the requisite broom on the porch, give it a click and you'll hear the hooting owls in the night, which is of course exactly how witches like their brooms to sound. And spiders, especially very large ones, laugh in an ironic way. Careful though, if you touch the witches remains you may hear her beyond her grassy grave.. !

So you'll plainly see that with a splash of spook and a touch of charm that this house could have a crash landing.. into your heart!

Come to Jessentials to find the broomstick in the store and have this little gem nearby for Halloween!

Here are all the other awesome finds in this wickedly tempting hunt!

- Jessanne

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Space Case!

It's Animated!! Click the picture!


The set is brought to you by Gala Charron of *Art Dummy!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Gone Fishing Cabin [SL House & Garden Hunt]

I am a few days late getting this out for people to see.. but when am I not late? Sigh. Without further ado... drum rollllll...

It's called the Gone Fishing Cabin, and you can find it in a little box shaped like a house in my shop. And you would not BELIEVE all the fantastic stores in this hunt. No kidding. Serious. It all starts at Trace Osterham's theosophy, now where is that slurl... There it is, I hope that's the right one :D.

So yeah, Jessentials, Gone Fishing Cabin, SL House & Garden Hunt, Awesomeness.

Friday, July 16, 2010

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